Outstanding fixture produced 10 maximum scores

THE week’s top fixture in the Porters Function Room 501 Top 20 League finished with third placed Maritime Misfits moving to within four points of second placed Brookside after beating them 7-4.

This was an outstanding encounter that produced 113 scores of a ton or more including no fewer than 10 maximum scores of 180.

Billy Evans and Dan Johnson each got a brace and Evans was also prominent in the individual phases when he won 3-1 in 18, 16 and 20.

There was also a solid 3-0 win for Keelan Kay (27.83) in 21, 17 and 16 while Scott Hutchinson recorded a personal tally of 16 tons, including the week’s top checkout of 114.

TOP AVERAGE: John Mann registered the week's top average of 33.40 with an excellent 3-0 win in 15, 17 and 13 which came in Porters Patriot's 8-3 victory against Maritime Marauders.

Scott Lawrey hit two maximums for Brookside and team-mate Gary Phillips was their leading markman with 14 three-figure throws which included finishes of 100 and 108.

League leaders Porters Patriots defeated Maritime Marauders 8-3 in another high-scoring encounter that produced 110 throws of a ton or more.

Andy Bates (100x16) took out a 14-darter before going on to a 3-0 singles success while John Mann, aided by two maximums, produced an excellent performance to win 3-0 in 15, 17 and 13 for the week’s top average of 33.40.

Mark Shears emerged a 3-1 winner in 16, 17 and 16 but finished up on the wrong end of a 7-4 scoreline when Porters Pretenders were defeated by Plympton Cons.

Dave Collins caught the eye for the hosts and in winning 3-0, took his best leg in 14.

Robbie Newland (100x14) was prominent for Fawn B in their 9-2 defeat of Brewery Tap while Kings Arms won 7-4 away at City Social and Falstaff triumphed 8-3 when hosting Duchy of Cornwall.

Paul Gavican (100x11) emerged a 3-0 winner for Indian Inn as they edged out Compton by the odd game of 11 while Octagon Social Club defeated Fawn A 9-2.

They had Dave Pethick (27.83) achieving a 3-0 victory in 17, 17 and 20, while in winning 3-1, Alfie Ford finished a 15-darter with a kill of 105.

Other prominent checkouts were achieved by Harry Bull (111) and Geoff Norman (104).

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