Gordon Dares To Defeat Lewis With Stellar Outshot

The Steve Chapman 501 League was lit up by some high class tungsten during game week 35; with the best of the action coming in Octagon's 8-3 win over Kings Arms.

Warren Gordon's 158 checkout in a 3-2 over Lewis Dare was one of one hundred and nineteen three figure scores between Gordon's Kings Arms and Dare's Octagon.

Dare threw nineteen of that mammoth total himself with his winning legs coming from 15 and 18 darters; one of which was finished with a 116 checkout.

Gordon himself checked legs in 12 and 18 darts and eventually got over the line for a notable success over the young Devon marksman.

The high class match itself started with Dare joining teammates Lee Hellings and Jayden Dodd (36.41) to win an 801 trebles leg in as few as 22 darts.

Dare and Hellings then paired in the doubles to to win 2-0 with one of the 601 legs being won in an admirable 19 darts.

Hellings himself reached eleven three figure scores overall and hit a 17 darter in his singles match against Dave Johns who threw a leg in 16 in a 3-1 win for the latter.

Dodd bottomed out his sixteen ton total overall in a 3-1 singles win and took a leg in 18 darts whilst also notching a 121 checkout.

Alfie Ford defeated Paul Palmer 3-2 in another remarkable contest with the former reaching fifteen ton plusses for the evening.

Ford hit one of two maximums for his team in the tie - the other coming from Dave Pethick earlier on in the match - and hit a 116 three dart combination finish in his singles win.

Ford also checked a leg in 15 darts whilst Palmer's only contribution of note to the close game was an 18 darter to vain.

Palmer's teammate Dave Algar chalked up an 18 dart leg but also finished on the wrong end of a defeat after falling victim to the evergreen Ralph Lancaster 3-1.

Lee Rodmell was on fire for Torpoint Cons with sixteen tons but was helpless to stop them from finishing on the wrong end of a 6-5 defeat in their visit to Fawn A.

A couple of those efforts came from Rodmell's team's only maximum and a 116 checkout but the Cornwall based thrower fell to Mark Sargeant who chalked up crucial 105 checkout in a 3-2 win over his rival.

Sargeant's stablemate Mike Nancholas was also prominent with the Greenbank team's only maximum of a seventh win of the campaign for the strugglers.

Leaders King Billy A produced another routine win with an 8-3 success over Victory A that saw both Antony Hayman and Scott Cook both reach fifteen three figure scores.

John Mann (35.79) was the undoubted star of the singles with a maximum and outshots of 106 and 121 helping him win legs in 15,12,15 for a 3-0 success over Darren Collis who also chalked up a 180 in vain.

Those three efforts helped Mann reach thirteen ton plusses whilst both Hayman and Victory's Tony Tasker repeated the 106 checkout feat during the game.

Tasker's teammate Quinton Taylor notched twelve ton plusses overall but his 18 dart leg wasn't enough to help him over the line against Cook who checked a brace of 16 darters in a 3-2 win.

Scott Lawrey top scored for the defeated team with fifteen three tons whilst teammate Kelvin Rowe hit thirteen of his own including a maximum.

The other maximum of the match went to Andrew Cook for the Devonport team with that effort coming in a 3-0 singles triumph.

Another top class affair, this time between King Billy B and St Levans that ended in a 7-4 defeat for the Keyham side, was dominated by St Levans' Mike Pearce.

Pearce reached twelve tons and won legs in 16 and 18 darts in his 3-0 success whilst Tex Pearce totalled eleven tons overall.

King Billy's Mark Shears (27.83) hit a 106 finish on his way to ten tons and roundly defeated Tex Pearce 3-0 in the individual phase thanks in part to legs in 16 and 18 darts.

Shears' teammate Kev Lofthouse also got to the magic double figure mark in tons whilst Billy Evans and Matt Chegwin both hit maximums on the night for the victorious 'Billy Boyz'.

Veteran Fred Goldsmith (27.83) showed there's plenty of life in the old dog when winning legs in 16 and 18 darts in his 3-0 win during Fawn B's 8-3 success over Indian Inn.

Goldsmith also hit one of two ton plus finishes for his team with his 102 in three usurped by Jodie Hawton's 110 that went down as the largest of the contest overall.

Hawton also won a leg in 18 in her 3-2 win whilst stablemate Neil White went one better with a 17 darter in his 3-1 win.

The leg White lost in that tie came from a 106 checkout for Mark Hatherley which was one of eleven three figure scores notched by the former Devon man on the night.

Hatherley had earlier got the better of his rival White when pairing with Ian Heggie with the latter hitting a maximum on the way to a 21 dart 601 leg in a 2-1 doubles success.

White's partner in that defeat, Jaden Whitting, faired much better in the individual phase when winning 3-0 thanks to a 15 dart leg and his team's only 180.

Two of the bottom three in the league clashed as Danny Allen hit ten ton plusses in a 6-5 win for his Victory B team over last placed Cherry Tree.

The only notable contribution from the Pennycross team came from a magnificent 130 one visit checkout from Glyn Carpenter.

In a rearranged game played on Monday of week 35, second placed Octagon were defeated 7-4 by Fawn B to leave the race for runners-up wide open between the four teams involved.

Octagon's Lewis Dare was the highest scoring player for both teams with eighteen tons, including a maximum, and won his singles thanks to a brace of 15 dart legs.

Dare's opponent Mike O'Brien reached ten tons himself and fired back legs in 18 and 17 as O'Brien fell to a 3-2 loss.

Dare's 101 checkout in that affair was beaten by Dave Pethick's 120 kill in his 3-0 win during the individual phase of the match.

Neil White top scored for victorious Greenbank team and helped himself to a 16 dart leg in his 3-2 individual success over Alfie Ford; who matched White's impressive fifteen ton haul.

White joined teammates Jaden Whitting and Lee Agar in hitting a maximum on the night with the latter adding eleven more tons for twelve overall.

Whitting also checked a leg in 16 darts during his 3-1 defeat to Jayden Dodd whilst Dodd's teammate Lee Hellings was also impressive with fourteen tons.

Hellings notched legs in 16 and 18 darts but ended up on the wrong end of a 3-2 defeat to Fred Goldsmith that was one of seven ties to be decided by a single leg.

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