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A Tribute To "Mrs Fred"

Sharon Goldsmith was diagnosed with lung cancer in March this year and this quickly spread to her brain. Despite a brave and dignified fight, the disease took her life on the morning of Sunday, 26th September.

Fred Goldsmith wed Sharon on Saturday, 29th March 1986 and the pair would spend more than thirty-five happy years married; the majority of the Sharon’s life.

This union enabled “Mrs Fred”, as she was affectionately known to many, to form unbreakable unions with so many through Fred’s other love of his life, the game of darts.

Fred’s darting ability was always apparent during their marriage with Sharon following every step of Goldsmith’s Plymouth based career before he earned county honours initially with Cornwall for the 2016/17 season.

Accompanying her beloved Fred to every match, Sharon very quickly became a permanent fixture and one of the most prominent supporters for the Duchy.

All players and supporters greeting Sharon with a standard “Mrs Fred” followed a kiss, cuddle or both at every monthly meeting of the team.

This due to Sharon’s remarkably warm, kind and approachable nature; never having a bad word to say about anybody and always available for a chat or advice.

Fred’s darting career moved him away from Cornwall, joining the Devon ranks where more of the same love and affection grew despite the Goldsmith’s having one season with their home county to date.

This couldn’t have been more evident during the recent Devon vs Cornwall game, which was played the weekend before Sharon’s death.

With Fred and Sharon missing from the game due to Sharon’s illness, the players and supporters of both teams, led by dear friend and colleague Lee Hellings, banded together to raise over £500 for Mr & Mrs Fred. Thus, showing their support for a special person and couple at a time where they needed it most.

This money was earmarked by the community to allow the couple to enjoy what was left of Sharon’s inevitably short life due to the disease being in its final stages.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be as a week later, the cancer had won and the darting community of Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall lost a wonderful friend.

An outpouring of grief on social media and at darting events ensued upon the news that Sharon was no longer with us.

Included in this was a minute’s silence held at a Devon vs Cornwall youth game that was impeccably observed by all with MC Peter Mutton visibly choked at having to break the news.

More locally there was also a minute’s applause for the life of Sharon at the Octagon Social Club on the Monday after her passing.

The Octagon being where Sharon and Fred would spend their Friday nights with Fred’s teammates.

Mr & Mrs Goldsmith’s friends will continue to remember the life of Sharon Goldsmith with the funeral to come on Friday, 15th October.

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, the funeral is invite only but all are welcome to celebrate the life of a magnificent person at the Octagon Social Club from 12:30pm onwards for the wake.

I’m sure knowing the person she was and how well Sharon was loved by all, there will be queues at the door!


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