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A Good Dan Is Hard To Find

Dan Brazier's magnificent sixteen ton plus tally wasn't enough to arrest Cherry Tree A's slide to an 8-3 loss at Victory A in the Steve Chapman 501 League.

Brazier's total was topped up to that level by a 108 checkout whilst teammate Simon Wilbraham added a 180 to finish on ten tons.

Tony Tasker provided most of the heavy artillery for the success with fourteen scores of a ton or more whilst Paul Goundry was also prominent with a dectet of three figure scores.

Tasker's 180 was joined by an effort of it's kind by stablemate Scott Lawrey whilst Goundry and Tasker shared the plaudits for short legs of 501.

Goundry got the better of Wilbraham 3-2 thanks in part to 17 and 16 darters whilst Tasker bagged a leg in 17 of his own to go alongside one in 15 during a 3-2 loss to Brazier whose aforementioned finish proved crucial.

Sixteen ton plusses were plundered by Antony Hayman including a 102 checkout and one of the four maximums in a match between King Billy and Cherry Tree D that ended 8-3 to the former.

Andrew Cook added one of that aforementioned quartet of three treble visits to top his own ton total up to ten whilst Chris Harper and Kevin Lofthouse were on hand with 180s for the defeated side.

Hayman made it a highest checkout and least number of darts double with a leg in 15 darts during his 3-0 individual success.

Lee Hellings scored fourteen tons to lead Cherry Tree C to a 10-1 victory whilst visiting Torpoint and Bar Mez to keep them will in the mix for third spot.

Hellings added two of the three maximums in the match to his mammoth total whilst teammate Nick Miller netted the other on his way to ten ton plusses.

Two ton plus checkouts made a difference in the outcome of two of the games with Dave Lee's 110 winning a point in the trebles.

That effort was only bettered by a Steve Mills 114 kill in a 3-2 singles success that was noted as both the best of the match, and week across all fixtures.

Lee Rodmell managed an 18 darter in a 3-2 loss to Lee whilst Mike Bulmer was defeated 3-1 by Hellings in spite of a leg in 18 of his own.

The top scoring player for leaders Fawn B was Fred Goldsmith who nailed a 180 on his way to twelve tons in a 9-2 win for the Greenbank side versus Octagon.

Goldsmith was supported well by both Simon Washington and John Mann who both netted themselves eleven tons a piece.

Andy Bates joined Goldsmith in adding a three treble visit whilst the other effort of that ilk from the away side came from the arm of Chris Edgecombe.

Edgecombe's teammates Robbie Bisgrove and Alfie Ford performed admirably with ten and eleven tons each but that power scoring only garnered two points across the games.

Mann and teammate Lee Agar (30.05) paired well in the 601 doubles phase to take a 2-0 win thanks to legs in 18 and 22 darts.

Agar went on to repeat that form over the 501 distance with a 17 darter in a 3-0 win, and also suffered the remarkable indignity of finishing on double one three times in the contest overall.

Agar's leg was one of a smattering of short games in the individual phase with Mann adding 18 and 14 dart legs in a 3-1 success.

Bates was a 3-1 winner with the help of a leg in 16 whilst Washington triumphed 3-0 with a 17 darter his best across the trio of chalk marks put onto the scoreboard.

Lewis Bryne added eleven tons to the scoreboard in Tradesmans 9-2 win over Victory Fireballs that saw numerous other highlights.

Byrne's teammate Jordan Grimshaw added the only maximum and a 98 checkout whilst Byrne's 17 dart leg ws crucial in a 3-2 success.

Neal Walters won one of the two points garnered by the Fireballs with the help of a leg in 18 darts that got him over the line for a 3-2 win.

Eleven tons including a 180 rained down from the arm of Jack McMinn during a 7-4 win for Bluebird over Victory Hammers.

In the finishing stakes, McMinn's 14 darter in a 3-0 win was the best leg of 501 whilst the biggest checkout came from a 113 Cobie Harris combination out shot for the defeated side.

Dave Johns fired an unbeaten eleven ton plusses during an 8-3 win for Kings Arms at home against Indian Inn that saw four maximums.

Paul Palmer bagged two of those, but the only game he didn't hit a maximum in was a doubles partnership with Johns that saw the pair win 2-0 with a 601 leg in 19 their collective best.

Palmer's teammate Mark Yeoman added a third maximum for the team with an 88 checkout from the same arm the best finish of the matchup overall.

Indian's Louis Yates was the only recipient of a '180' call after throwing whilst Ian Heggie's 3-2 singles win saw what turned out to be critical 17 dart leg.

Two maximums by Mike Pearce and another from Tex Pearce set the tone for St Levans to take an 8-3 victory from their visit to Beacon Park.

Jason Smout was one of the two single winners for the home side with one of the legs in a 3-1 win coming in just 18 darts.

Cherry Tree B kept up the heat on the leaders with a 10-1 win over Fawn A that saw Jason Pinkerton steal the show with a 3-0 success that contained a 105 checkout and a 15 dart leg.

Mike Bassett was unlucky to not add a second point for the away side after losing a close singles 3-2 with one of the legs coming in 18 darts.

Treble nineteen 171s scored by both Sue Pullen and Beth Falconer sent Duchy on their way to a fourth win of the campaign with a 7-4 success at Ivybridge CC.


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