O'Brien Goes Mike The Clappers

Mike O'Brien hit fifteen ton plusses in leaders Tradesmans 9-2 win over Bluebird C in the Monday Premier League.

Legs of 15,18,17 allowed O'Brien to also take a 3-2 victory over former outright individual leader Glenn Halford who notched twelve tons of his own.

The second best scoring player for the Stonehouse side was Andy Bates with twelve three figure scores whilst John Mann hit a 124 checkout on his way to a haul of ten.

That effort however was bettered by Glen Austin who checked a 156 for the defeated team whilst 180s went to teammate Steve Brocklesby and Tradesmans' Fred Goldsmith.

Glyn Wells helped himself to a leg in 18 which was bettered by one by Bates who chalked up a 17 darter in a 3-2 triumph.

The aforementioned defeat for Halford allowed Harry Bull take a share of the lead in the individual race and he delivered with a 15 darter in a 3-1 singles win during the Indian Inn derby.

Bull's A team got the better of their B side by a 6-5 scoreline with Pete Cornish hitting a 101 checkout during the tie.

Bull teamed up for a father/son combination with Danny Bull in an 18 dart 601 doubles leg and Bull Snr also chalked up the game's only maximum.

Octagon A gained a point in the title race but are still thirteen behind after their 10-1 win over Union Inn that saw Lewis Dare hit fourteen ton plusses.

Dare hit a brace of 180s on his way to reaching that total whilst Paul Palmer added a maximum of his own; one of ten three figure scores personally chalked up.

Jayden Dodd was second best scoring player for the Stonehouse team with twelve tons whilst Lee Hellings hit a 104 shot out on his way to ten tons of his own.

Andrew Cook made it to fifteen three figure scores as King Billy won by a 7-4 score against Bluebird A whilst Scott Wapshott also hit thirteen of his own.

Cook's 136 checkout beat the 120 by teammate Wapshott to the high checkout of the contest whilst Cook also paired with Jamie Lofthouse for a 20 dart 601 doubles game.

Dave Harbin hit a third ton plus checkout of the contest with a fine 102 kill and Bluebird's Jack McMinn matched Wapshott's 120 to make it four big checkouts overall.

McMinn added twelve more tons to take his personal haul to thirteen on the night whilst teammate Alan Masters produced a leg in 13.

Masters added a brace of 180s in his 3-0 singles win whilst Wapshott was the most noteworthy individual player for the victors with legs in 15 and 16 on his way to a 3-1 win over McMinn.

Simon Washington added a brace of maximums to a twelve ton haul in Octagon B's 9-2 triumph over Firkin Scholar that also saw Washington hit a brace of 17 dart legs in his 3-1 individual win.

Ryan Ring's 110 checkout beat the 100 kill from teammate Steve Daley whilst Frankie Stout hit a maximum in the only noteworthy contribution from the league's bottom team.

Tony Tasker helped himself to eleven three figure scores whilst teammate Darren Collis also broke the double figure barrier in Victory A's 9-2 win over Bluebird B.

The four 180s in this one were shared equally with Quinton Taylor and Tony Conn firing for the victorious away team whilst Jamie Roberts and Jon Parsons replied in vain for the Compton team.

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