Octagon A Dare To Dream Of Premier Title

Lewis Dare produced an accomplished performance as his Octagon A side played their way back into contention for the Monday Premier League championship crown with a 9-2 win over Bluebird C.

Dare top scored with fifteen ton plusses, a haul which included a maximum, and helped himself to a fourteen dart leg in the individual phase.

Dare's teammates Lee Hellings, Jayden Dodd and Paul Palmer also reach double figures with twelve, eleven and ten tons respectively as Stonehouse side reached sixty three figure scores.

Dare's individual opponent, James Stoodley, outdid the youngster with two maximums and a leg in 13 whilst the Compton side's Glenn Halford also notched a 180 and a 17 dart leg.

The twenty-three ton plusses the Bluebird pair put on the scoreboard on the night also contributed to one hundred between the sides in total.

However, this mammoth effort was a little in vain as Halford and Stoodley both were defeated 3-2 in the singles by Palmer and Dare.

Halford and Stoodley's stablemate, Glenn Austin, was his side's only individual winner, which earned him a spot in a four way tie at the top of the singles leaderboard with three others tied on 32 points.

New leaders, Tradesmans, recovered from a shaky start to take all of the singles games on offer against Indian Inn B for a 9-2 win.

The Stonehouse side now hold a six point lead at the top of the standings after taking advantage of Victory B's lack of activity.

Tradesmans had Andy Bates in fine form who ploughed in thirteen ton plusses whilst Luke Johnson reached double figures himself for the top team in the league so far.

Mike O'Brien won his individual game 3-0 which gave him a share of the singles lead with the other two players, Scott Cook and Paul Gavican, both playing for the Victory B who now have a game in hand over their rivals.

Bill Rennie finished the only ton plus checkout of the week with a fine 102 kill as the Octagon B secured an 8-3 victory over Bluebird A.

Teammate Simon Washington top scored with twelve ton plusses, whilst Ryan Ring scored the Stonehouse side's only maximum.

It wasn't all one way traffic with Bluebird's Alan Masters producing a moment of magic with a maximum of his own.

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