Premier League Making Monarch Of The Glenn

Top individual player in the Monday Premier League, Glenn Halford, continued his good form with nineteen tons and a brace of 17 darters in an 11-0 trouncing by his Bluebird C side of bottom team Firkin Scholar.

The one leg Halford did lose on the night came from an 18 dart leg from Brum Jeavons' in a 3-1 defeat.

Halford also joined teammate Lee Roberts in plundering a 180 on a brilliant night individually and as team.

Top team Tradesmans had John Mann in top form as he ploughed in seventeen three figures in a 7-4 win over Victory A.

Mann was well supported by Jaden Whitting and Alec Turner who both chalked up eleven three figure scores in the tie whilst teammate Andy Bates reached ten.

Mike O'Brien hit an 18 darter whilst there was no fewer than six 17 dart legs for the Stonehouse team with Alec Turner and Jaden Whitting each pinning a pair.

Andy Bates notched one whilst John Mann added a 16 dart leg to his effort in 17 on a brilliant night for the team.

It wasn't all one way traffic as Quinton Taylor hit ten tons and legs of 15 and 16 whilst teammate Tony Tasker also bagged himself a leg in 17 and finishes of 96 and 91.

Their teammate Tony Conn also hit a maximum whilst Alec Turner replied with one for the victors.

Fourteen tons from the favourite for the individual title due to games in hand, Harry Bull, assisted Indian A to a 6-5 triumph over Bluebird B.

The Compton team were as many as 2-0, 3-2 and 5-3 up before the Stoke Village team roared back in a spell that brought Danny Bull a maximum to lock the teams at 5-5.

With the game nicely poised, it came down to Pete Cornish to bring his team home; using all of his experience to bring home the win with a 3-1 success.

Jack McMinn's fourteen ton haul helped his Bluebird A team to a 6-5 win at home to Union Inn with the Bluebird marksman also chalking up a maximum.

Teammate Alan Masters also helped himself to ten tons, one of which being a 103 checkout in one visit which was the highest of the contest.

The Plympton side were 3-2 up before Bluebird fired back in the individual phase with four of the first five singles games.

The only one in that spell taken by the Union Inn was a 3-0 success for Dave Hollow in which he had a maximum and a 15 dart leg.

Two of the three ton plus finishes in the league came in the King Billy's 7-4 win over Octagon B as Scott Wapshott and Antony Hayman struck with 121 and 147 kills respectively.

Wapshott top scored with thirteen three figure scores whilst Hayman was influential with twelve and Octagon's Lee Wyatt chalked up the only maximum of the tie.

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