Maria equals season's high checkout with finish of 170

MARIA O’Brien equalled the season’s top checkout of 170 in the Porters Function Room 501 Top 20 League but could not prevent her Brewery Tap side from losing to second placed Maritime Marauders, for only their sixth defeat of the campaign.

The feat came in a 2-0 doubles victory, partnered with Kieran Burns and the England International was also successful in the individual phases before the visitors won 7-4.

Maritime’s Mike Pearce (100x14) was taken the full distance by Sarah Brown before emerging a 3-2 winner in 15, 18 and 18 and Shaun Dring had to pull out all the stops against Jordan Grimshaw, including a leg in 14, to edge out the 16-year-old, 3-2.

Melbourne overcame Indian Inn B 10-1 and there was also a win in double figures for Fawn B who whitewashed Compton SC 11-0 and had Robbie Newland (100x14) as their leading marksman.

Gary Phillips (100x13) and Neil White (100x13) inspired Victory Inn to an 11-0 defeat of Cherry Tree while Mark Shears (100x13) was prominent for Porters Pretenders in their 8-3 win against The Office.

Falstaff secured all but one of the 11 points that were on offer from their visit to Maritime Nutters while Victory Inn B and Octagon SC were both 7-4 winners against Indian Inn A and Maritime Musketeers respectively.

Kings Arms returned from Fawn A with an 8-3 victory, having Dave Collins (100x15) as their leading marksman and Warren Gordon (29.47) emerging a 3-0 singles winner in 18, 19 and 14.

League leaders Porters Patriots won 9-2 at Maritime Governors and had Andy Bates as their top scorer with 14 throws of a ton or more which included an outshot of 160.

Other notable checkouts were achieved by: Shane Victor (120), Ian Downing (118), Graham Farrow (117), Gary Phillips (113), Dan Sheikh (110), Kev Lofthouse (106), Dan Hill (105), Jordan Grimshaw (101).

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